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Would you like to donate a used tablet?

  • Call 707-644-4194 to make arrangements.
  • Please reset your tablet to Factory Settings before donating.

Ending Loneliness for Seniors in Long-Term Care

“Social distancing can save seniors’ lives but deepens their loneliness”
“Coronavirus isolation a dilemma for seniors”

Seniors & Loneliness

Loneliness in seniors may be fatal. Studies show the feeling of loneliness and emptiness causes suffering for seniors but can lead to serious health problems and even death. With the isolation created by the COVID-19 virus, our elderly living in Skilled Nursing Facilities are alone. For many, families can no longer visit, listen to their stories, or give hugs and loving affection.

Ombudsman have a plan to help in these extraordinary times. Can you donate a used tablet? We will help set up with access to games, social media apps, YouTube, free video conferencing and more.  You can help connect a senior in need with the tech we rely on so heavily now.

How to Donate

Donate your device by contacting us at 707-644-4194.

As a small, local non-profit we do not have the ability to refurbish these tablets.  We are asking for working devices that have already been reset to factory settings with the passwords, pins, cellular service etc. removed. If you donate an iPad, turn off the “find my iPad” before restoring it to factory settings. Help us by donating tablets ready to be given to an isolated senior in need.