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How We Help

Ombudsman Services is the only organization mandated by law to make unannounced visits to long-term care facilities to ensure that residents are free from abuse and receiving quality care. We have been aiding the community  for more than 40 years and all services are free of charge. We serve Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda Counties with our team of highly-trained Ombudsman staff and volunteers.


  • Make regular unannounced visits to facilities.
  • Investigate resident complaints including allegations of abuse and inadequate or dangerous care.
  • Improve facility conditions by providing staff trainings.
  • Provide information about advanced health care directives and help execute official documents.
  • Promote community awareness about aging and long-term care issues through educational workshops.
  • Serve as a voice for policy change at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Field informational calls from families in distress.

“We had concerns about mom’s care. The Ombudsman talked to us about our rights and how to bring issues to the attention of facility staff. She was our mom’s advocate and ensured that a care strategy was put in place to address her physical and emotional needs. The Ombudsman frequently checks in with us and with mom to make sure everything is going well.”

—Family Member

Our Approach

We strive to be fearless in our approach and our work is guided by these principles:

  • Discover. We are a learning organization and seek constant understanding.
  • Team. We are team members before titles.
  • Sphere. Everyone leads where they are.
  • Urgency over crisis. We prize speedy resolutions to problems but we are not in crisis.
  • Excellence in all things. We treat every task with importance and care.
  • Pasture sacred cows. We triumph by questioning everything.
  • Clarity, not certainty. We are clear about our direction and will create the path to get there.
  • Equality and fairness. Everyone has a voice, everyone.
  • QBQ.  What. How. Why.
  • People over process. We treat every person with dignity, respect, and care.
  • No gossip.  Communicate challenges up and high fives to everyone.

Facilities We Serve

Nursing Homes Served
Nursing Home Residents Helped
Assisted Living Facilities Served
Assisted Living Residents Helped