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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

We are more committed than ever to empowering older and dependent adults in the new context of Coronavirus and Covid-19. We have put together a helpful list of resources for older adults. 

Empowered Aging

Aging is a natural phase of life deserving of respect and dignity. Ombudsman Services protects the rights of older and dependent adults living in long-term care. Learn more »


Services and Approach

We advocate for long-term care residents in Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda Counties.


Become a Volunteer

Find out how you can serve long-term care residents near you.


Support our Work

Help empower the aging in your community with a gift in support of our work.

Now Serving Alameda County

In Contra Costa, we started with just a few government grants, a single staff person, and a lot of determination. Now, nearly 50 years later, we have a team of 45, including trained Ombudsman volunteers that visit 600 long-term care facilities and stand up for the 29,000 residents in our region — Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda Counties.

Learn more about our history and who we serve »